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We are seeking data scientists for our research team.  You will be working closely with our deep learning research scientists in analyzing medical data (images, medical reports, etc.) and gain critical insights for algorithm development. The ideal candidate has solid training and work experience in data analysis is interested in discovering actionable information from vast amount of data.

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  • Surveying existing literature, hunting solutions online, and conceiving new solutions as an intendent researcher;

  • Self-motivated to continuously learn the latest developments in the nascent field of data science and actively explore their potential applications to biomedical problems.

  • Working with scientists and other informaticians on developing novel algorithms to analyze medical data (images, clinical report, etc.).

  • Designing and implementing core analytical algorithms for our software product on GPU, CPU, and Cloud-based platforms;

  • Writing high-level and low-level technical documents.


  • MS in Math, Statistics, BME, CS, EE or related fields, or BS with 2+ years of industrial experience in data science;

  • Excellent programming skills in Python or R, using Linux as the working platform;

  • Solid understanding of key machine learning concepts, such as regression and classification, over-fitting, cross-validation, hyper-parameter optimization;

  • Solid understanding of core statistical concepts, such as the limitations of popular parametric and non-parametric statistical tests;

  • Good understanding of popular machine learning algorithms, such as clustering algorithms, logistic regression, SVM classifier, etc.;

  • Prior image analysis, bioinformatics, and publication experience is a huge plus;

  • BONUS: Big data skills, such as Spark, NoSQL, and Cloud programming. This is not a big data engineering or programming position. The candidate will be trained to gain Cloud experience;

  • BONUS: Computer Vision. The candidate who does not have such skills should demonstrate strength in data analysis; he/she is expected to leverage in-house expertise and self-teach the subject within a reasonable amount of time.

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