Research Scientist

in Bioinformatics

Shanghai / San Diego


We are seeking highly motivated bioinformaticians with solid coding skills. The successful candidate will take on tasks spanning variant annotation, genomics data processing, result analysis and experimental design. The ideal candidate has a good understanding of molecular biology, human genetics, and basic statistics.

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  • Identify important insights from genetic data and innovative analysis methods;

  • Advise on next generation AI analytical tools and pipelines for the analysis of genomic and biological data, collaborating with software engineers to deliver these;

  • Hands-on programming in Python and/or R;

  • Develop/optimize algorithm and application to complex datasets.


  • Health statistics, epidemiology, molecular biology, genetics statistics, and other related professional background;

  • Master’s degree or above, at least 1-year experience in statistics, SAS programming, medical industry data analysis and other related work;

  • Experience in clinical trial statistical analysis is preferred, medical/health data analysis and modeling is preferred;

  • Familiar with statistical methods related to medical research; proficiency in Python and/or R;

  • Familiar with clinical research ideas, project design, sample size calculation, etc.;

  • Motivated learner with critical thinking skills. Good communicator and team player in a fast-paced R&D environment.

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