Research Scientist

in Deep Learning

Shanghai / San Diego


We are seeking deep learning research scientists at all levels in our research team. You will be embarking on an exciting journey of applying cutting edge deep learning and computer vision techno logy to help doctors making more efficient and effective diagnosis. The ideal candidate has experience in computer vision and deep learning, has working experience or is interested in working on real-world medical imaging problems.

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  • Design and develop state-of-the-art computer vision and deep learning-based algorithms for analyzing 2D/3D medical image data. The core algorithms include detection, recognition, segmentation, registration, retrieval, etc.;

  • Implement and optimize core analytical algorithms for our software product on GPU, CPU, and Cloud-based platforms.


  • PhD in CS/EE/BME/Statistics or related fields or MS with 2+ years research-related experience;

  • Experience in Medical Imaging or clinical medicine is a strong plus;

  • Strong expertise in computer vision and machine learning, with solid understanding of neural networks and the underlying math;

  • Publications at top conferences and journals and/or successful industry experience;

  • Proficient programing skills in Python and/or Matlab

  • Experience with image processing libraries such as OpenCV and ITK preferred;

  • Hands-on experience in designing deep convolutional neural networks with popular deep learning frameworks (TensorFlow, Caffe, PyTorch, etc.);

  • Excellent communication and presentation skills;

  • Ability to work efficiently both as an individual and as a team member in a fast-pace working environment;

  • Ability to quickly learn new skills and knowledge.

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