Software Architect

Beijing / San Diego


We are seeking a software architect for our development team.  You will be working closely with our deep learning research scientists and collaborating on bringing new algorithms to effective and reliable software products. You will be working on the development and management of our hybrid cloud and on-premises infrastructure, pipelines for data ingestion, model training and inference, continuous integration, QA, and monitoring.

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  • Architect and manage cloud infrastructure tools and data with focus on automation and scaling

  • Develop and maintain on-premises computing cluster infrastructure and resources

  • Design, improve and monitor data ingestion and processing pipelines

  • Design and manage container orchestration and deployment strategies

  • Develop tools to manage continuous integration, software stack support, code quality and coverage

  • Create CLI and web tools to help automate typical operations and engineering tasks

  • Ensure and develop tools for monitoring security, privacy, and integrity of data and other resources

  • Broad knowledge of cloud architecture design patterns and technologies (e.g., IaaS, SaaS)

  • Broad knowledge of cloud security best practices

  • Experience with the architecture and design of cloud-centric projects

  • Experience with security architecture patterns and technologies (e.g., web access management, single sign on, federation, data encryption, etc.)


  • 5+ years’ experience with cloud and on-premises cluster infrastructure development and administration;

  • Experience with scripting languages (Python and bash preferred) with solid Linux knowledge;

  • Experience with continuous integration tools (e.g. Jenkins, CircleCI, Travis) and best practices for codebase management;

  • Experience with Docker and Kubernetes container strategies and orchestration;

  • Experience with Google Cloud (preferred), AWS, or Azure;

  • Experience with administration of on-premises computing clusters (orchestration of GPU computing jobs, RAID storage, backup infrastructure);

  • Strong teamwork ethic, passion for learning and desire to seek new challenges;

  • Bonus: Experience with SQL and structured data processing;

  • Bonus: Experience with network security and management of sensitive data;

  • Bonus: Experience working in startups;

  • Bonus: Experience working in FDA-regulated environments

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