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We are seeking software engineers at all levels on our development team.  You will be working closely with our deep learning research scientists and collaborating on bringing new algorithms to effective and reliable software products. The ideal candidate has solid training and work experience in software engineering and is interested in delivering impactful software products with artificial intelligence.

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  • Design and develop state-of-the-art computer vision and deep learning-based computer aided detection (CAD) software for analyzing 2D/3D medical image data. The core algorithms include detection, recognition, segmentation, registration, retrieval, etc.;

    Self-motivated to continuously learn the latest developments in the nascent field of data science and actively explore their potential applications to biomedical problems.

  • Implement and optimize core analytical algorithms for our software product on GPU, CPU, and Cloud-based platforms;

    Designing and implementing core analytical algorithms for our software product on GPU, CPU, and Cloud-based platforms;

  • Develop, maintain, and upgrade current diagnosis software system, locate and debug software defects in a timely manner;

  • Write high-level and low-level software design documents.


  • MS in CS/CE/EE or related fields, or BS with 2+ years of software development experience;

  • 2+ years of C/C++ programming, 2+ years of software design experience, familiarity with software development cycle;

  • 2+ years of large project or system maintenance experience (more than 10,000 lines of code);

  • Proficiency in Visual Studio and MFC programming. Familiarity with virtual machine, parallel programming, Windows and Linux programming;

  • Proficiency in scripts languages such as Python, Java, experience with ITK/VTK preferred;

  • Experience in computer vision, machine learning, image analysis, and medical software preferred;

  • Familiarity with web architectures such as Soap and RESTful. Experiences in cross-platform API design and implementation preferred;

  • Ability to work efficiently both as an individual and as a team member in a fast-pace working environment;

  • Ability to quickly learn new skills and knowledge.

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